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HG Speed Limiters

Our speed limiters meet the revised Speed Limiter Standard KS 2295: 2018 and has passed through laboratory tests and met the required performance and installation specification requirements.

We are the only supplier of the HG Speed Limiters Model 2.1 under KS 2295 -1 & 2:2018 Second Edition

  • Unique product - Our speed governor doubles up as a tracker
  • The Speed Limiter is serialized
  • We are approved by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), and the Communications Authority (CA)
  • Our staff are professional and well trained
  • Our outstanding locations that are easy to access
  • Great interaction with our clients.—We provide our clients an atmosphere of honesty, provide world class services and we build relationships of trust and satisfaction
  • Continuous technical support by well trained technicians
  • Warranted products


You can purchase our speed governors by ordering below.


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