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Main Product: HG 2.1 Speed Limiter

HG 2.1 Speed Limiter

Advantages of the HG 2.1 Speed Limiter

  • Tamper Proof
    The HG 2.1 is completely tamper proof. In the event of attempted tampering, a violation notification will be sent out and the speed of the vehicle will be automatically reduced to 40 KM/H
  • Violations alarm
    An alarm will be transmitted to the platform in the event of: over speeding, disconnection, attempted tampering, fatigue driving,
  • E-mail alerts
    Any lose of signal between the device and the storage system for more than 5 minutes will automatically alert the administrators via email
  • Real time fleet tracking
    An administrator can view the current location and trajectory of the vehicle
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
    The Speed governor can be connected to portable printers or computers through a USB cable and to mobile phones via Bluetooth
  • Printable speed records
    The Speed Governor can be connected to an external portable printer or a computer to view recorded speeds
  • 72-hour data storage
    Data is recorded in intervals of 5 seconds and stored for up to 72 hours.

Other Products

We have other products which compliment some particular vehicles;

The mechanical throttle system controls the speed of the vehicle by a precise adjustment of accelerator pedal when over speeding.It's used to control the preset maximum speed of the vehicle.

Electronic throttle control (ETC) is an automobile technology which electronically "connects" the accelerator pedal to the throttle, replacing a mechanical linkage

A solenoid valve controls the flow of fuel, while a solenoid coil is energized by an electric current that creates a magnetic field. When the coil in a fuel solenoid is energized, it causes a plunger inside the coil to move, activating the valve.

Operate at high temperatures.


Renewal Stickers

Every vehicle fitted with this device must obtain a sticker to facilitate vehicle inspection by the agencies. We have Dealers' stickers & Individual's Stickers


Includes repairing of the devices that are out of order. Explanations and/or consultations will be provided on all services and products if needed.

Tracking Renewal

This is the annual renewal of tracking device.

Member lending Sacco

This a value added to the members of the PSV Saccos. The access of members biodata in our possession can be used to lend the money as a Sacco. The member will need to activate or register for the service.

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