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Where are the company Offices Located?

We are located at Dagoreti Corner, Off Ngong Road .

What is the difference between the new speed limiters and the old ones?

The new speed limiters have online tracking facility unlike the old ones, are tamper proof, if this is attempted, the vehicle goes to limp mode of 40km/h and any of speed violations or tampering results in alarm being transmitted to both the NTSA server and the suppliers server.

How does a Sacco apply to get the new speed limiters fitted in their vehicles?

A SACCO or commercial transporter gets in touch with us or one of our approved supplier.

How much is the speed governor?

Up to Ksh 40,000 depending on whether you are a supplier or final consumer.

How long does it take to fit the speed governor in a vehicle?

It depends but ranges from one hour to about three hours. Some vehicles need Solenoid Valves or Mechanical throttle, this being extra gadgets will increase installation time.

How much is a tracker?

The tracker is embedded in the Speed Limiter as above.

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